"Melissa's insights gave me invaluable help in strengthening my story. In addition, her keen eye for detail ensured series and story continuity. I definitely plan on using Melissa in the future. You should too!"

"This was my first time working with Ms. Hayden and the experience has been a resoundingly positive one. I was impressed with both the thoroughness and clarity of the feedback she provided as well as her willingness to provide follow-up suggestions. I also appreciate that Ms. Hayden takes the time to provide not only constructive criticism, but positive feedback as well. She is both friendly and professional. I would definitely recommend her services to anyone in need a great content editor."
          -- K.L. Bone, Fantasy, author of Rise of the Temple Gods series

"I've worked with Melissa many times on both content editing and bible building, and her feedback is fantastic! She's completely on point and doesn't miss a thing. If there's a question, she has a ready answer, cited with a page number and a detailed explanation. She has given me some of the best content editing I've ever had! You can't go wrong hiring Melissa."
          -- Amanda Carlson, Urban Fantasy, author of the Jessica McClain series

"Melissa Hayden has been a godsend to work with. Her notes are extensive and detailed, catching inconsistencies and areas that could cause confusion, and she strikes a perfect balance between being thorough and honest without becoming combative or rigid. I am extremely picky about who first lays eyes on my work, and Melissa has proven time and again she is the right person for the job, offering her perspective and highlighting potential problem areas in a manuscript in a way that leaves me excited to edit rather than dreading it. Responsive, considerate, and spot on in her assessments, Melissa is worth her weight and gold, and I am forever grateful to have her on board with my work."
          -- Skyla Dawn Cameron, Urban Fantasy, author of Demons of Oblivion series

"Melissa Hayden is my first go-to set of eyeballs for everything I've written since I've met her. She asks all of the right questions, letting me know exactly where I go off track with characters or storylines, or little gaffs along the way, or notes where the humor I intend hits the mark or flops. She's blessed me with post-note follow up discussions as well, for when I need clarifications or help making a decision on changes. Truly, I can't imagine not having her amongst the precision tools every writer needs in their toolbox."
          -- Starla Huchton, New Adult Superhero Romance & Sci-Fi Romance, author of The Evolution series

"Melissa has been beta-reading for me since 2011 when I first started publishing my urban fantasy series. All the way, her comments have been invaluable. In places where I wasn’t sure if some bit of foreshadowing worked, or if the plot twist carried the impact I was looking for, or if the character development occurred smoothly, she has always provided the feedback that lets me know what the reader is experiencing. Writers can’t look at our own work objectively. We know where the story is supposed to go, so of course things seem to flow for us when we try to ‘see the story as the reader will see it’. Melissa is that reader that we need for a true understanding of what the reader is experiencing. Was there an awkward transition? She’ll find it! Did the description come off confusing? She’ll let you know! Did you use the word ‘like’ fourteen times in a chapter? She’ll point that out, too! And she doesn’t just point out the errors, but also the good stuff. Like when you made her laugh out loud, or had her in suspense, or made her fall in love with your character. These good comments are just as important, boosting the writer’s confidence in their ability and in their story. She gives the story a thorough and thoughtful read and she has always been so sweet to add her honest review to places like Amazon and Goodreads, becoming one of the first, and most crucial, reviewers for the book."
          -- S.A. Archer, Urban Fantasy, author of The Sidhe urban fantasy series

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